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20230323_Introduction to Labor Laws Webinar

On Thursday, March 23rd, 7:00-9:00pm, Itaewon Global Village Center will hold “Labor Laws Webinar.” This webinar will be done online through Zoom and Facebook Live.

This FREE interactive webinar on March 23rd, 2023, at 7-9pm will be led by Jiwon Lee, a partner attorney of Myoungjae Law Firm in English.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar: Introduction on Standard Labor Laws in Korea (including annual leave, severance pay, maternity leave, paternity leave, menstrual leave, and so on)

Attendees will have an opportunity to participate to a live Q&A.

To join, please email us your name, nationality, contact number, Visa type and the question to ask. (The information will be used for this webinar only)

*This webinar will be done through Zoom with Facebook live and will be uploaded on YouTube later.

*Registration through google form:

*Language of instruction: English


20230323_Introduction to Labor Laws Webinar

20230323_Introduction to Labor Laws Webinar

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