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20230324_K-Temple Food Cooking Class

Itaewon Global Village Center and the Temple Food Center will hold a “K-Temple Cooking Class: hand-rolled dough soup with sweet pumpkin & raw yam salad in doenjang dressing” on Friday, March 24th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Hand-rolled dough soup (Sujebi 수제비) is a delicious, filling soup consisting of had-torn dough with various vegetables. The flavor and recipe resembles kalguksu, except that the latter is made with noodles rather than hand-torn dough.

Plus, we will be making raw yam salad with denjang (soybean paste) dressing. Yam, in Korea, is called, “eel produced in the mountains” since it helps increase energy. Not only that, the mucin in the yam helps accelerate protein absorption in our bodies and it protects our stomach walls. Not only because of its flavor, the nutrients brought by the yam will make it a good side dish for the sujebi.

A monk will show a demonstration on how to make hand-rolled dough soup with sweet pumpkin & raw yam salad in doenjang dressing. After the demonstration, participants will be grouped into 3-4 members, and as a group you will be cooking the two aforementioned recipes. Since this a group cooking activity, everyone has to share the table and kitchen utensils. Participants must bring their own container so that they can bring the food they made.

**FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Basic ingredients that will be used in this class as follows:
-Hand-rolled dough soup with sweet pumpkin : flour, sweet pumpkin, potato, carrot, bok choy, dried shiitake mushroom, salt, soy sauce, red pepper paste, kelp
-Raw yam salad with doenjang dressing: yam, green pepper, pear, doenjang (fermented bean paste), sesame seeds
Please take note of this before registering for the class.

This class will be held near Anguk Station (Line3). You will need to pay 20,000won of participation fee in advance. Once you register, specific details will be sent to you. To register, email us your name, nationality and phone number.


Language of instruction: Korean (with English interpretation)

20230324_K-Temple Food Cooking Class

20230324_K-Temple Food Cooking Class

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