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20240202_K-Temple Cooking Class

Itaewon Global Village Center and Temple Food Center will hold a “K-Temple Cooking Class” on Friday, February 2nd from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Tteokguk with fried tofu (두부떡국) is a filling, delicious soup made of disc-shaped rice cakes in a clear broth. It’s a traditional must-eat Lunar New Year’s dish. Especially this time, we will be using fried tofu that offers a lot of umami.

Also, we will be making a pan-fried seseasoned mushroom with gochujang (모듬버섯장떡) as a main dish. We will be using a batter mixing flour, gochujang, and water with chopped mushrooms and then pan-frying it. This dish is great to serve to guests, as it is quite easy to make but flavorful.

A monk will show a demonstration on how to make tteokguk with fried tofu & pan-fried seasoned mushroom with gochujang, and we will have time to make them with 3–4 other participants where you will be cooking together as a group. You will be sharing all the ingredients and utensils. All participants should bring a container so that they can bring the food they cooked.

This class will be held near Anguk Station (Line 3). You will need to pay 20,000 won of participation fee in advance. Once you register, specific details, including basic ingredients, etc., will be sent to you. To register, email us your name, nationality, and phone number.


Language of instruction: Korean (with English interpretation)

20240202_K-Temple Cooking Class

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