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20240202_Ssal Gangjeong Making Class

Korean Food Promotion and Itaewon Global Village Center will hold a “Ssal Gangjeong (sweet rice puffs) Making Class” on Friday, February 2nd from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

These traditional sweets are made by puffing rice, tossing them with honey or rice syrup, and then letting the puffs cool. These sweet snacks are called “Gangjeong” in Korean. These traditional sweets made with rice were put on banquet and memorial service tables in the past. Rice can be puffed in a pressurized container to make the rice puffs, which can then be turned into gangjeong by adding sesame seeds and nuts and mixing honey or rice syrup. These crispy and sweet delights make for perfect snacks.

**FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Basic ingredients that will be used in this class are as follows: puffed rice, various nuts (pumpkin seeds, black beans, pine nuts, sesame seed), jochung (Korean rice syrup), sugar, water

An instructor will show a demonstration on how to make the ssal gangjeong, and we will have time to make them. You don’t need to bring anything, as everything, including a to-go box, an apron, etc., will be prepared by the institution.

This class will be held near Anguk Station (Line 3). You will need to pay 11,000 won of participation fee in advance. Once you register, specific details, including basic ingredients, etc., will be sent to you. To register, email us your name, nationality, and phone number.


Language of instruction: Korean (with English interpretation)

20240202_Ssal Gangjeong Making Class

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