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20240419_Herbal Healing Package

Itaewon Global Village Center will visit K-Medi Center for the “Herbal Healing Package.” This program is full of activity for healing.

▶Date/Time: April 19th(Friday) 10am~11:30pm, 2024
▶Venue: Korean Herbal Medicine Center (near Jaegidong station)
서울한방진흥원 (제기동역 인근)
▶Capacity: 20 people
▶Fee: 10,000 KRW
▶Contents: Foot-bath outdoors with Herbal tea + Korean Herbal Medicine Museum Tour + Massage(using a massage mat and a massage MACHINE for hands&feet for each participant)
내용: 야외 족욕 및 한방차 시음 + 박물관 관람 + 보제원 마사지체험(안마매트와 기계손마사지/다리마사지)

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*Language: Korean (with English translation)
*Inquiries: Grace ( / 02-2199-8884)

20240419_Herbal Healing Package

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