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20240605_Beef Bulgogi over Rice with Lotus Root Cooking Class

Itaewon Global Village Center, together with Korean Food Promotion Institute, is hosting a Korean cooking class on June 5, 2024 (Wed) from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Hansik Space Eum (near Anguk Station). For this class, we will be learning how to make a simple yet comforting Korean dish: Beef Bulgogi over Rice with Lotus Root.

"Deopbap" (덮밥) comes from 2 different words: "deop" (which means to cover) and "bap" (which means rice) - literally a bowl of rice topped with some sort of topping. Deopbaps have been part of Korean cuisine for decades. While there are exceptions, deopbap generally is a rice bowl type where a little bit of saucy toppings is eaten with a spoonful of rice without being completely mixed like bibimbap. This time, we will put beef bulgogi and lotus root over rice.

FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: (*Please take note of these ingredients before signing-up for the class. Hansik Space Eum WILL NOT make any changes on the recipe.) The ingredients that will be used for this class is as follows: rice, beef, lotus root, pyogo mushroom (golden oak mushroom), onion, sesame seed oil, sesame seed, perilla leaves, soy sauce, sugar, starch syrup, cooking rice wine, green onion, garlic

The participation fee for this class is 11,000 won. Advanced payment for the class is REQUIRED. I will email you all the details (including payment details) once you have completed the registration.

This class is open to foreign residents aged 16 years and above.

Language of Instruction: ENGLISH only

If you wish to register to this class, please fill out the form:

20240605_Beef Bulgogi over Rice with Lotus Root Cooking Class

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