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20240718_Bojagi Lamp Making Class

Itaewon Global Village Center, together with Donuimun Museum Village, are hosting a cultural class on July 18, 2024 (Thurs) from 3:30pm to 4:30pm at Donuimun Museum Village (near Seodaemun Station). For this class, we will be learning how to make a simple traditional Korean lamp using bojagi fabrics.

This class is part of the Donuimun Museum Village's "Shipsamwol" where they develop Bojagi Art within the frame of tradition while reinterpreting it in modern ways. For this class, we will be introducing bojagi, a Korean traditional art form that can be used widely and incorporated into our daily lives.

The participation fee for this class is 15,000 won. Advanced payment for the class is REQUIRED. I will email you all the details (including payment details) once you have completed the registration.


Language of Instruction: Korean with English interpretation

20240718_Bojagi Lamp Making Class

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