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20240716_Hangeul Calligraphy with Korean Elderly

Itaewon Global Village Center and Yongsan Senior Welfare Center will hold a special cultural exchange event, “Global Culture Trip: Hangeul Calligraphy Experience” with Korean Grandmas and Grandpas.

▶Date/Time: July 16th (Tuesday) 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
▶Venue: Natioanl Hanguel Museum (near Ichon Station(Line 4))
▶ Registration:

Through this program, you will be aware of the modern use of hangeul fonts by exploring the exhibitions of Hunminjeongeum and hangeul. Also, you can make your own Hangeul badge by using various techniques of calligraphy. This event will allow participants to trace the history of hangeul and experience hangeul in person.

This tour will be held at the National Hanguel Museum (near Ichon Station(Line 4)). The event is free of charge but registration is a must. Please note that since we will be interacting with Korean grandmas and grandpas, foreigners who can speak Korean are a priority. Once you have completed your registration, specific details will be emailed to you.

◆ Language of instruction: Korean ONLY

20240716_Hangeul Calligraphy with Korean Elderly

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