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Free Legal Consultations at Itaewon GVC

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Itaewon Global Village Center, with the help of some volunteer lawyers, are offering free legal consultations via E-MAIL.

Email Katherine (person-in-charge for the operation of free legal consultations):

WE DON'T HAVE IMMIGRATION LAWYERS. For immigration-related inquiries, please call 1345 (Immigration Office Call Center). Also, our lawyers don't handle setting-up a business, or establishing businesses. For business-related inquiries or taxes, please get in touch with Seoul Global Center


  • Phone consultations are NOT allowed. Again, only e-mail consultations.

  • Email response may take up to 3 to 7 days. If this is something urgent, please get in touch with Seoul Global Center or Seoul Foreign Resident Center.

  • All information related to the case will be treated confidentially.

  • Lawyers are volunteering only. They do not work at Itaewon GVC.

  • Volunteer lawyers can only provide consultation (advice). Other services (legal representation, drafting of legal documents, etc.) are subject to legal fees.

  • Itaewon GVC cannot guarantee the services of the lawyers.

  • Itaewon GVC cannot dictate the lawyer's legal fees.

  • Volunteer lawyers can deny a request for other services according to his/her standards.

Legal_Consultation_Request_Form (Labor Matters)
Download DOC • 199KB

Download DOC • 198KB


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